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About ME

Realign Veterinary Rehabilitation was founded by me, Natalie. I am a fully qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist and a member of the NAVP (National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists) regulatory body. 

I have 2 chinchillas, Percy, and Buck, 2 family cats Herbie and Josie and 3 dogs, Rufus, Wilson, and Luna. Having pets all my life has given me an insight into the different personalities and needs of individuals. I also have a great understanding and empathy towards the animals and their owners as I know how difficult it can be when your pet is recovering from injury or disease.

I have spent many years working in multiple veterinary practices as an auxiliary nurse and learnt a range of skills and knowledge from my time in this position. I have also worked in other environments with horses including riding stables, racing yards, eventing yards and even spent time in America with yearlings during sale season.

Since being at university I have found a love for Dairy cattle. I have now worked on dairy farms for a few years, learning about the business, the cows, and their everyday routine. My work with cattle inspired me to research how physiotherapy can help them and be applied to their routine and health plan effectively and realistically to improve welfare on farms.


These factors have helped me to develop a keen interest in the rehabilitation of animals especially for those species that may otherwise be overlooked. 

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