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Our Services
Practicing in Cheshire and Shropshire

Realign Veterinary Rehabilitation is able to provide all small animals, large animals and livestock with rehabilitative therapy and performance enhancement. Below is a list of services that we can provide. 

First Assessment 

  • This will include:

  • Static - a visual observation of your animal standing and looking at how their body is made up. 

  • Dynamic - A visual observation of your animal at a walk and a trot so that we can see how they move. 

  • Palpation - a hands on assessment of the animals entire body, looking at musculature, joints and bones. 

  • * This is available to all species 


These use electrophysical properties to change how the body reacts to aid healing. Different machines help with different things, some may reduce pain, increase bone growth, increase muscle or nerve stimulation, reduce inflammation or infection and may aid function of a body tissue.

  • Modalities include: 

  • Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation 

  • TENS

  • Ultrasound 

  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy 

  • Interferential Therapy

  • H-Wave 

  • Ozone Therapy 


  • *Any electrotherapies used will be decide on based on your animals needs and some are only available to some species. 

Home Exercise Plans 

Home exercise plans will be created for each individual patient and will be custom to their needs, your time availability and with appropriate species considerations. 

Continuing rehabilitation throughout the week on days you do not see your pets physiotherapist is vital for their progress. 

Follow - up Assessment 

  • This will include a comprehensive assessment including static, dynamic and palpation as per your initial assessment but will focus on the main areas of concern. 

  • *This is available to all species 


Massage is an important part of rehabilitation and has been used for many years. There are many types of massage all positively influencing your animals muscles. ​

  • Effleurage - stroking, warm-up & cool-down massage for the muscles. 

  • Petrissage - Kneading massage 

  • Tapotement - Percussion massage, cupping and hacking 

  • Wringing 

  • Friction 

  • Myofascial release - taught stuck skin. 

* Available to all species. 

Remedial Exercise Prescription 

Remedial exercises are all about conditioning your animal after an injury or even to improve performance. different exercises suggested by your animals therapist will have different benefits to your animals progress. 

some exercises you may come across include:

  • Pole work 

  • Baited stretches 

  • Figure 8

  • Wobble boards 

  • Inclines and Declines 

  • New commands/Tricks 

  • And many more 

* all remedial exercises will be prescribed based on your animals capabilities and needs and will consider practicalities based on species.  

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